Codechef is a site for online programming competitions, and practicing and discussing algorithmic problems in a wide choice of languages. It is a must for every programmer! It has improved coding and problem solving skills of innumerable people. And it is fun too!

Here I aim to maintain a list of problems categorized according to algorithm and data structure required to solve them. All these problems are offline, and available in practice section of codechef.

Note : Hyphen (-) below, means that that entry is not significant.

Algorithm/Concept Data-Structure Problem Difficulty
Disjoint Sets (Weighted Union with Path Compression)  Jam Board Medium
Count inversions  Stepford Houses Medium
Dynamic programming  Sums in a Triangle Easy
Heaps  Restaurant Rating Easy
Floyd-Warshall  Delivery Boy Easy
Floyd-Warshall/Backtracking  Ciel and Tomya Easy

I have been fortunate to author following problems : Jam Board, Book Exercises and Hotel Balifornia.
This is a work in progress, I will keep adding more interesting problems as I solve/re-visit them 🙂
Feel free to suggest more problems (from codechef only).


One Response to Codechef

  1. saikat guha says:

    hi i am developing chrome extension to synchronise codechef editor between different sessions
    can u tell me how to get the value of code using javascript

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